Candy Cotton


I'm  Xiaoyun Chen   - a  UIUX designer  based in Atlanta, GA.
Studying Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Institute of Technology, currently looking for opportunities around the US



Fiserv: Crypto with Online Banking

Online banking application that allow user to invest with cryptocurrency.

UX Research - Aug 2021-Dec 2021

Fiserv: Crypto with Online Banking


UIUX Internship

Based on the Client's requirements, research, design, and prototype  Interface.

UIUX Experience - Jun 2020 - Jan 2021

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Reclam: Sustainable To-go system

A food pick-up system with a reusable container allows users to eat and live more sustainably. 

UX Design - Aug 2021-Dec 2021

AI Vision:
AI app for visual impairment

Design an application that assists blind and vision-limited users in identifying everyday items.

​Accessibility UX Design - Oct  2019 - Dec  2018

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