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UIUX Designer @ Appsketiers


My Role
UX Designer
Jun 2020  -  Jan 2021
My Responsibilities

- Conduct UIUX design based on Clint's Mapping Questionnaire, which included visual design, UI system, user flow, wireframe, and interactive prototype. 

 - Helped the UIUX team with client revision and redesigned the interactive prototype based on client revision feedback.

 - Help the team solve the hoarding of design projects that need to be modified so that our team can carry out new design projects more efficiently.

All of our prototypes and design solutions are currently protected under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). But I am willing to share some high-level thoughts with you :)
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Project Brief

Research, design, and prototype Application Interface based on Client's Requirement. Perform user research to help standardize visual design across the company. 

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User Research

User Interface Design

Revision With Client

Design Process


Understand Client Requirement


Create UI kit with clients


Revision with Clients


User Research with team


Design the Low-fi Prototype


Communicating user needs with Clients is a challenge. I tried different paths to explain how to build a better user experience for various mobile applications.

Also, I implemented challenging interfaces and workflow that need to be
simplified for different categories of mobile applications.

I solve the hoarding of design projects that need to be modified. Since the project has been in the process for an extended period, most of them need to have new user research to discover user needs and opportunities. 


I participate in 12 projects. In addition, there are five design projects and 7 redesign projects. 
In our project management board, the design team used to have an average of 6-10 projects hoarding. However, after I participate in the group for six months, the design team can catch the speed with the sales team with a lesser revision rate and higher customer satisfaction rate.
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