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Product Design

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Moodi - Emotion regulation tool for kids

moodi is an emotion measurement and regulation tool for kids from 3-6. The design is based on the principle of POMS (a psychological assessment for measuring mood fluctuations). It can help children better understand and manage their own emotions and help parents recognize warning signs of emotional/mental issues in their kids.  

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Egge - An aging robot

Egge will help you correct your destructive behaviors and live a healthy life. By remapping your decades of lifespan to Egge’s one-year life, it can let you see the impact of your behaviors on your health more intuitively and reflectively. It will also let you reflect on your behaviors when what you do will influence Egge’s lifetime.

bio light-1.jpg
Bio-Inspired Lighting Project

A lighting device is needed for me to hiking at night. It should be able to light at night and easy to carry. It should be comfortable to wear or hold and should be able to use for along time. The current product in the market does not meet the requirement.

Illunminating Faucet

There is a pain point from daily activities of families' living; dishwashing experience should be improved to human life quality.

Using the human-centered design method, the farming technique develops a dishrack that meets the user's needs.

Something Fun
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