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Product Design

Bio-Inspired Lighting Project

A lighting device is needed for me to hiking at night. It should be able to light at night and easy to carry. It should be comfortable to wear or hold and should be able to use for along time. The current product in the market does not meet the requirement.


There is a pain point from daily activities of families' living; dishwashing experience should be improved to human life quality.

Using the human-centered design method, the farming technique develops a dishrack that meets the user's needs.

Mother Shopping Care Experience System

During daily shopping activity, the mother always had a bad shopping experience that takes care of the baby.

To improve mon's shopping experience, develop a system that will allow mom to take care of the body by giving them an educational game and providing a convenient solution to the shopping routine.

Bullet Monitor Design for Nerf Magazine

Designing a gun magazine to monitor the remaining number of the bullet in the magazine. Because of the rule of the university, we can not design base on the real gun. To finish the project, we design the magazine base on the NERF-gun magazine.

Security System Design for Prototype LAB

In the university workshop, accident frequently occurs. Mainly the reason for the accident was students using matching without training or professional guidance. However, the school requires safety training for the workshop. The student still breaks the rules. A safety system was asked to design by the idea shop in Illinois Institute of Technology to prevent untrained students from using machines in the workshop.

Caffeine Smoking Cessation E-Cigarettes

Design a new Vape that can help people reduce smoking and give people extra energy for everyday needs. 90% of Americans intake caffeine every day; the maximum caffeine for humans every day is 400mg, about 8 oz of tea, coffee, energy drink, or 12oz of diet soda. 50% of smokers drink coffee every, and a survey in 2017 shows that smokers drink coffee twice as much as a non-smoker. Regarding the smoke, 14.5% of women still smoke every day, and 17.5% of men still smoke every day.

Visual Design